Kind Cuisine


At The Princess & the Chickpea, we keep a kind cuisine. Our aim is ensure that you and your guests have an optimal dining experience while staying kind to yourself, kind to animals and kind to the environment. 

All our food is plant based and prepared from fresh, seasonal products, without any ingredients of animal origin. So no meat, no dairy products, no eggs and no honey, for example. Many of our suppliers are also local, organic farmers and market gardeners, so we know where the food comes from and how it has been produced.


A lot of people have food sensitivities these days. Many are wheat intolerant, for example. Our baked products, including bread, are all wheat free. We use many other types of flour, such as spelt, rice, buckwheat, rye and chestnut.


Refined cane and beet sugar is a big issue, too. Wherever possible, we use alternatives, such as maple syrup, palm sugar, coconut flower sugar or syrup and dried and fresh fruits.

Special dietary requirements

If you have any other dietary requirements, such as allergies and sensitivities, or would like paleo or raw options, please let us know and we will adapt our menus accordingly.


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